The CARB Bearing-the better solution
Carb1 Carb2

This new bearing is in accordance with the increasing demand
for high load carrying capacity, robustness and low friction.
Like a spherical roller bearing the CARB bearing can accomodate
misalignment and heavy radial loads, but also able to take axial
displacement like a cylindrical roller bearing. Similar to the needle
roller bearing the CARB bearing has the potential of a compact
design. CARB provides a unique combination of accomodating
misalignment and axial displacement. This was the main reason why
the front side of drying cylinders was one of the main applications
considered when developing the CARB bearing. Tests, made at a
number of paper mills, have proved the CARB bearing mounted in a
fixed housing to be the ideal bearing arrangement for this application.
The CARB bearing gives the potential of using interference fits for
both inner and outer rings and to make a design with low sectional
height. These features are mainly intended for other applications than
drying cylinders.

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